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Yak Magik has its origins in the search for extraordinary places, people, and things. Months spent exploring the high peaks and valleys of the Nepalese Himalaya led to a deep appreciation of the people and culture of Nepal. That appreciation led to great friendships and business partnerships manufacturing novelty jackets in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Almost 30 years later we continue to develop our uniquely beautiful jackets with these amazing artisans.

Yak Magik is fine tailoring, one jacket at a time, not assembly line production, and features complex fabric manipulating, top-stitching, and piped seams.

Yak Magik is beautiful fabrics, hand-woven silks, exclusive reversible jacquards, novelty cottons, and specialty linings.

Yak Magik is exquisite ornamentation. Our teams of embroiderers and beadworkers bring the skill and pride of craftsmen whose families have excelled at their trade for generations.

Yak Magik blends casual fit with updated patterns, designing dozens of new styles every season.

Our job is creating wearable art. We strive to offer you novelty jackets that surprise, delight, fit beautifully, and give years of wearing pleasure for a reasonable price. We are extremely grateful to our better boutique, catalog, and private-label customers, who year after year partner with us to bring art-to-wear to the legions of ladies looking for the latest in “Yak”. Thank you!